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Exclusively specializing in condominium management field.


TSE Management Services Inc. is a full-service property management company. We offer dynamic, professional, competent and proactive condominium management in the Greater Toronto Area.



Physical Management
  • Regular property inspections.

  • Ensure all mandatory testing of life safety equipment is performed

  • Ensure all other equipment is checked/serviced on a regular basis.

  • Hire building staff whether as employees or on contract.

  • Assist boards with preparation of Rules and By-laws.

  • Do whatever else is required to make the place a pleasant and safe place in which to work or live.

Property Management Consulting Services
  • Assist boards to prepare an RFP for property management services.

  • Advise boards at condominiums where we are not the managers.

  • Assist boards in budget preparation where we are not the managers.

  • Advise boards regarding property insurance requirements.

Accounting Reports & Financial Reporting
  • Monthly and year to date income and expense statement

  • Monthly balance sheet.

  • Monthly accounts receivable and accounts payable reports.

  • Monthly and year to date reserve fund transactions.

  • Monthly investment report.

  • Monthly disbursement journal.

  • Copies of bank statements for both operating and reserve funds.

  • Prepare draft annual budgets.

  • Prepare Form 14’s for units three months in arrears.

  • Prepare payroll where corporations have their own employees.

  • Register liens on units that are three months in arrears that did not respond to Form 14’s.

Developer Services
  • Consult with developers their lawyers, architects and surveyors on new projects.

  • Prepare budgets for new developments.

  • Prepare Schedule “D” for new developments.


TSE Management Services Inc. opened up for business in 1988 with two corporations on the Harbourfront. Decades later we still manage those two corporations and our portfolio has grown to close to 60 condominium corporations.


Our property managers are experienced in the management of condominiums and are all subject to the direct supervision of the principals of TSE.




30 East Beaver Creek Road, Suite 107, Richmond Hill ON L4B 1J2

Telephone:  (905) 764-9166

Fax: (905) 882-0228


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